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Winter Storm Preparedness

According to the Canadian government, Canada has one of the most severe winter climates in the world. Extreme cold, blizzards, deep snow, and treacherous ice storms can seriously impact Canadian cities and businesses, knocking out power and heat services for hours, and sometimes days.

Prepare for severe winter weather before temperatures plummet and the winter storm season begins. Take the necessary steps now to protect residents, guests, staff, and your property from potential harm. Have an emergency plan in place and the right supplies on hand.

Be Prepared For Winter Storms


Stock up on essential emergency supplies that will help you safely get through a winter storm. In addition to basic must-haves such as batteries, flashlights, water, and first aid kits, you'll also need snow removal supplies like ice melt, snow blowers, show shovels, and even blankets and portable heaters for warmth. HD Supply has all the products you need to prepare for harsh winter weather.

Prepare Winter Storm

Different alerts are issued depending on the timing and severity of the weather event. Understanding what each type of alert means will help you be better prepared.

  • Special Weather Statements alert you to unusual conditions that may be cause for concern
  • Advisories are issued for specific weather events like blowing snow and freezing rain that, while not severe, may have an impact
  • Watches indicate conditions are in place where a signficant storm or severe weather could occur
  • Warnings are urgent messages that severe weather is happening or is eminent and may require you to take appropriate safety action


A prolonged power outage from a winter storm leaves your facility vulnerable to the effects of the cold. Use portable electric heaters and/or blankets to keep everyone warm. Let faucets drip or use pipe insulation to help prevent water pipes from freezing and bursting, which often causes major property damage and expensive repair costs. Turn refrigerators and freezers to their coldest settings to keep perishable foods fresher longer. Canned foods and other non-perishable items should be conserved in case of a long-term power failure.

Respond Winter Storm

During a severe winter weather event or power outage, remember these safety tips:

  • Stay inside and off the roads
  • If outside, avoid downed power lines
  • Conserve indoor heat by closing off unused sections of the facility
  • Listen to a weather radio for updates and emergency information
  • Always operate gas-powered generators in an open and well-ventilated area to prevent deadly carbon monoxide fumes from building up


Recover Winter Storm

Once the storm has passed, you may need to do some clean up and repair to your grounds and property. Check your building's foundation and roof for any damage and use roof repair products to seal and patch any trouble spots. Use snow removal tools like snow shovels and ice melt to clear walkways of slippery snow and ice. Melting snow and ice can also leave messy puddles near entrances and exits. Use dirt and water trapping entry mats and wet/dry vacuums to keep floors cleaner and drier and to help prevent costly slip and falls.