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Beat the Summer Heat

As temperatures begin to rise, it's a great time to start thinking about preparing your business for summer. The longer days of summertime can be a great time to do some simple facility maintenance. Consider the following tips to get your business ready for the upcoming warmer months:

  • Prepare your HVAC and PTAC systems to handle the workload and keep you cool throughout the season.
  • Clean or change air filters regularly to provide cleaner air and help increase energy efficiency.
  • Utilize fans to prevent your HVAC from becoming overworked
  • Refresh exteriors and entryways with new paint, windows, and screens
  • Upgrade to LED lighting to reduce the temperature of your building, resulting in less air conditioning that needs to be used.
  • Set your programmable thermostats for maximum efficiency
  • Identify potential problem spots and use caulking or weather stripping and insulation to seal leaky windows or doors and keep the cool AC air indoors.

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