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Multifamily & Apartment Renovations

Multifamily & Apartment Renovations

Renters aren't always looking for brand new apartments with top notch amenities. Smaller scale renovations and value added updates appeal to many potential residents, too. According to Multifamily Executive's Apartment Renovation Index (ARI), the following upgrades create impact and help make your apartment community more attractive to residents.

  • Updated kitchens
  • Fresh color schemes
  • Distinctive common spaces
  • Revitalized exterior areas
Five Ways Renovating Boosts Your Bottom Line

Let HD Supply help you get the most out of your next renovation or property improvement project. Partner with us and you'll receive personalized support and assistance from an experienced team that understands your industry and your needs. Learn more about how HD Supply can help make renovation and property improvement projects easy and stress-free.

Investing in property renovations will help your property:

  • Stay competitive in the market
  • Improve resident satifaction and retention
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • Raise rent and net operating income
  • Increase ROI and asset value

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Go Green on Your Next Renovation Project

Go Green on Your Next Renovation Project

More and more residents appreciate properties that are actively commited to sustainability practices. By using ideallygreen products and practices, you increase your project's return on investment (ROI) by lowering operating expenses, raising rent revenues, and making your units more appealing to today's environmentally-conscious residents.

Our ideallygreen solutions include environmentally preferable products such as lighting, appliances, faucets, showerheads, and more that help:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Conserve water
  • Improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
  • Reduce the amount of waste going into landfills

Type the keyword ideallygreen in our search bar to locate ideallygreen products and resources.

Schedule a Lighting Audit

Stop throwing money away on old, inefficient lighting. If your property has incandescent, T12, halogen, or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, it would benefit from a lighting audit by HD Supply. After reviewing your existing lighting situation, we can help you upgrade to newer lighting technology and reduce utility and maintenance costs.

Learn more about ideallygreen solutions, lighting audits, and the benefits of going green.

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