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HD Supply Facilities Maintenance celebrates National Fire Prevention Week the entiremonth of October. Save on the essentials you need to keep everyone safe during afire emergency.

Rely on HD Supply Facilities Maintenance for all your fire safety supplies and fireprevention products, such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, fireextinguishers, first aid kits, and more to help save lives and protect your property. Beaware: smoke alarms are an essential fire safety tool. Working smoke alarms substantiallyreduce the risk of injury and death

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Fire Prevention

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Types of Alarms

When installed and working properly, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms help alert people tothe presence of dangerous smoke and poisonous carbon monoxide gas. There are four main types ofalarms available for your facility.

  • Battery-operated alarms offer reliable and inexpensive protection for any property. Theyare easy to install on a ceiling or wall. Remember to replace batteries every 6 months
  • Direct wire alarms are hard-wired to a standard 120V electrical circuit and can beconnected to other direct wire alarms in the unit or building
  • Direct wire alarms with battery back-up ensure the alarm will function even if the powergoes out
  • Combination alarms feature dual sensing technologies to detect both life-threatening smokeand carbon monoxide

Alarm Installation & Maintenance Tips

  • Comply with any alarm legislation in your city or province
  • Install inside & outside each sleeping area and on every level
  • Place CO alarms at least 5-20 feet away from a fuel-burning appliance
  • Regularly test all alarms
  • Replace alarms based on manufacturer recommendations or when they don't perform as expected
  • Batteries can be removed or stolen from alarms - stock up on AA and 9-volt batteries forpreventative maintenance

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