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Ways to Add to Your Cart

Quick Order

The fastest way to place an order! Open the Quick Order link at the top of any page. Type in the part number and quantity, then select Add to Cart.

Shopping Lists

Shopping Lists are an easy way for you to remember items you frequently order, such as a certain type of light bulb, brand of batteries, or specific sizes of bolts. You can create and name multiple saved lists and use them repeatedly when placing orders.

To add items to your cart from a saved list:

  • Open Shopping Lists at top of any page
  • Locate list you want to use
  • Find the part you want to order
  • Enter quantity
  • Select Add to Cart

Saved Orders

Saved Orders makes it easy to locate an order you have not yet submitted. You can access a Saved Order at any time by opening the Saved Orders tab at the top of the Shopping Cart page.

Product Detail Page

Product detail pages are where you'll find product features, specifications, and additional information. To add a product to your cart, simply enter quantity, and select Add to Cart.

Search Results Page

When searching for a product by keyword or category, you will see a list of products on the Search Results page. Find the exact product you need, then select Add to Cart.