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As temperatures begin to rise, it’s a great time to start thinking about preparing your business for the summer season. The longer days of summertime can be a great time to do a few simple facility maintenance upgrades. Consider the following tips to get your business ready for the upcoming warmer months:

  • Upgrade your portable air conditioner or window unit to optimize efficiency, energy savings, and maximize employee, resident, and guest comfort.
  • Clean or change air filters regularly to provide cleaner air and help increase energy efficiency.
  • Utilize fans to prevent your HVAC from becoming overworked
  • Upgrade to LED lighting to reduce the temperature of your building, resulting in less air conditioning that needs to be used.
  • Set your programmable thermostats for maximum efficiency
  • Identify potential problem spots and use caulking or weather stripping and insulation to seal leaky windows or doors and keep the cool AC air indoors.
  • Check parking areas and walkways—fill any potholes and cracks

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  • Optimize efficiency, energy savings
  • Maximize employee, resident, and guest comfort.
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Property Maintenance Essentials

Having the right accessories on hand will make it easier to prep your property for the warmer months ahead. Shop Rakes, Hoses, Pressure Washers, Pet Waste Stations and More!


Garant® 30” Poly Leaf Rake 1191159


BE Pressure Supply 1,750 PSI Pressure Washer 403162


1/2” X 50’ Flextreme Performance Garden Hose 134344


Fido HouseTM Pet Waste Station 116152



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