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At HD Supply Canada, we want to make your job easier so that you can focus on what matters most - providing the best customer service to your residents and guests.

We are a leading national supplier of Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) products, and serve Multi-Family, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Commercial properties. We are a customer-focused business delivering the highest quality products, support, services, and fulfillment in the industry.

As your single-source supplier for maintenance and repair products, we will help you save time and money.

Quick Facts

More than 8,500 products

Free, next-day delivery to most major cities

Bilingual customer service

Special orders & custom products available

Exclusive Brands from HD Supply

These exclusive brands of maintenance and repair products offer quality, style, and affordability.

Property Improvement & Renovations


Put the strength of HD Supply behind your next property improvement project. As a leading supplier of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), fixtures, furniture & equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) products in Canada, you can count on us to make your property's renovations, hotel brand conversions, and new openings successful and stress-free.

Whether your property is a 10-unit duplex, a 50-room hotel, or anything in between, HD Supply can help you keep things operating smoothly and efficiently. We offer dedicated support, Project Management, Property Improvement, Budget Management and Procurement Consolidation.

Contact [email protected] or your Sales Representative to ask for a consultation.

Our Property Improvement Services

HD Supply works closely with you and our suppliers to provide you with the best solution for your property.

We offer:

  • Product Selection – thousands of products in stock every day as well as access to thousands more we can source on your behalf.
  • Fast Delivery – free, next-day delivery on many items to major cities across Canada
  • Dedicated Support – personal assistance from our experienced staff
  • Industry Knowledge – we can help you to stay compliant with brand standards
  • Sustainable Solutions – energy-efficient products that save money and natural resources

From Planning to Completion

Dedicated Support

  • A knowledgeable project manager who is your single point of contact
  • Off-site support to help keep your project on schedule
*On-site visit available in select markets. Call for availability.

Project Management

  • Assist with changes, delays, special orders, etc.
  • Work with manufacturer to forecast materials and synchronize delivery schedules
  • Identify budget-compatible products that meet brand specifications

Budget Management

  • Project-based and per-unit pricing to help determine job costs
  • Hassle-free credit program to meet your financial needs
  • Volume pricing available depending on job size

Procurement Consolidation

  • Single-source supplier for all your MRO needs
  • One-stop shopping so you can focus on your priorities for your property

Projects We Can Help You With


New Builds

Energy Savings Retrofits

Value Engineering

Bulk Purchases

Single Source Supplier

Brand Standards

Suite Turns

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Renovations and refreshes of your apartments allow you to retain happy tenants and allow your building to keep up with trends and the neighborhood to attract new ones. According to Multifamily Executive's Apartment Renovation Index (ARI), the following upgrades create impact and help make your apartment community more attractive to residents.

Investing in property renovations will:

  • Keep your properties competitive
  • Lower maintenance needs and costs
  • Improve resident satisfaction and retention
  • Increase property net operating income
  • Increase asset value


More and more residents appreciate properties that are actively committed to sustainability practices. By using green products and practices, you increase your project's return on investment (ROI) by lowering operating expenses, raising rent revenues, and making your units more appealing to today's environmentally conscious residents.

Our solutions include environmentally preferable products such as lighting, appliances, faucets, showerheads, and more that help:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Conserve water
  • Improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
  • Reduce the amount of waste going into landfills

Ready to get your project started? Get in touch with your sales representative or contact us today.

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Trust HD Supply to help you manage your next hotel renovation or brand conversion project. Whether you are renovating rooms and lobbies, rebranding your property, or opening a new location, HD Supply can deliver everything you need to exceed guests' expectations. We have quality products that meet your brand standards and the project expertise you need to make capital improvement projects easy and stress-free.

Rely on us for all your renovations and property enhancements. Our experienced project management team can help you with:

  • Renovations
  • Brand conversions
  • New openings
  • Top of bed programs
  • Operating Supplies (OS&E) plus Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)

Successful Brand Conversions

We help hotels get brand compliant fast the first time. We can help you:

  • Identify products that meet your brand standards and specifications
  • Source materials from the most competitive manufacturers
  • Stay current with major hotel brand standard requirements
  • Consolidate vendors into a single source for easy product procurement and delivery management
  • Stay on schedule with a dedicated hospitality project manager

Ready to get started on your property improvement or brand conversion project? Contact us today.

Environmentally Preferable Hotel Renovations

Today's guests are increasingly concerned about the environment, so more and more properties are “going green.” Improved technology and manufacturing have significantly reduced the return-on-investment time, making green improvements even more practical and profitable. Green products may cost more upfront, but they pay for themselves in the long run with greater efficiency and lower utility and maintenance costs.

Show Guests Your Commitment to the Environment

Guests appreciate seeing highly visible sustainable practices and products in use at your facility. With these products and practices, you can save money and actively lower your property's environmental impact.

  • Recycling Systems – make recycling easy, promote waste reduction, and prevent mixing trash with recyclable materials
  • LED integrated fixtures- Save energy and maintenance costs with integral LED fixtures.
  • Create a linen reuse program – show guests you care about water conservation
  • Use lighting occupancy sensors in public bathrooms, gyms, and other public areas to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Low flow toilets contribute to substantial water savings. Toilets with overflow protection can save thousands in repair and maintenance costs.

Ready to get your project started? Get in touch with your sales representative or contact us today.

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Our full-service Property Improvement Renovations Team knows the unique requirements that skilled nursing, independent, and assisted living communities face. We procure products for any size project, from fast unit upgrades to new builds and larger-scale renovations. We know what it takes to get your project done on time and within budget.

A Full Range of Products and Services:

  • Single-source supplier for everything needed to get your property running
  • HD Supply Signature Brands
  • Installation Services
  • Product offerings covering everyday maintenance needs (MRO), FF&E and OS&E supplies
  • Budget management and volume discounts
  • Special orders for hard-to-find items

Environmentally Preferable Renovations for Long-Term Care

Our Team can help you choose products that save money on utility bills and decrease your environmental impact. Let us help you get the most out of your next renovation project.

Upgrade & Maintain A Senior Living Community

HD Supply understands that the safety of your residents, guests and staff is your top priority. We offer a wide array of products and services to support a healthy and safe community within your facility.

Ready to get your project started? Get in touch with your sales representative or contact us today.

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Special Orders

Track Down Hard-To-Find Products & Parts

Our Special Orders team will works with thousands of suppliers to help you find the exact item you need.

To Start Your Special Order Request:

Complete the online Special Order Request form

Contact your Account Representative or Email [email protected]

Please ensure you have the following information:

  • Manufacturer or brand name
  • Model number
  • Brief description of the item

Return restrictions apply to special orders. Freight fees apply to most orders. View our Return Policy.

Special Orders Forms

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You will have a quote within 2-3 business days.